Jobs You Need to Leave to Pros instead of DIY

DIY or Do-It-Yourself projects have been gaining popularity and are still proliferating in media; on TV and online. DIY project videos have also gained substantial amounts of views on YouTube. True, the pride in doing something yourself is attractive and it feels good to have accomplished something that might have cost you a lot money. But be wary and understand that you can not always do everything yourself.

profvsdiy1We must set the bounds of DIY and professional work for your own safety and your pocket. Hospital emergencies due to injuries and accidents from home improvement or repairs has increased 1.5 million from 2005-2011 in America alone. The rule is, if you don’t know anything about it, or if have limited knowledge, do not touch it. Here are five jobs you need to leave to professionals instead of DIY; just so you’ll get the idea of the boundaries of your effort and of professional work.


  1. Electrical Works

Did you ever think of running electrical wiring yourself? Don’t even think about it! The risk of missteps in electrical work begins at being electrocuted resulting in serious injury or death. In fact, doing electrical work, even at home, is illegal if you’re not a licensed professional. The National Electrical Contractors Association has listed electrical regulations (depending on the state) to ensure safety and the quality of work. Therefore, leave it to the pros.

  1. Plumbing

profvsdiy2The same common sense applies to plumbing works. Keep yourself from tinkering with the faucets and pipes or else you might make things worse. Gushing water or messy clogged pipes needs professional repair right away, not your panicky hands. Plumbers make sure that corrects parts are used in installations and upgrades. They follow the set of standards set by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials so that home remodels and repairs go smoothly so your pipes will work and are placed properly. More important is ensuring that your drinking water is clean after the work is done.

  1. Roofing

We always see it on TV, people slipping off the roof and cracking their skulls or breaking their backs. It can happen to you too if bravery goes ahead of logic. Even the simple task of cleaning the gutters runs the risk of falling off and causing significant bodily damage. Professionals know which equipment to use and what techniques to use to efficiently repair or upgrade your roof. Hiring them saves you time and possible medical bills. Also, above all, safety first!

  1. Repairs on Air Conditioning Unit

Leaks from an air conditioning unit cause harm to the environment. The gas emitted from it may cause headaches, nausea and develop into asphyxiation in humans. A coolant leak may cause long term damage to the unit making it less efficient and at the same time costly. If those reasons are not enough to convince you to leave it to the professional, we do not know what will. Professionals who are equipped with training, experience and the right tools do the job correctly.

  1. Tree Trimming and Removal

How many trees have you seen falling the wrong way damaging the fence or a house? A tree falling from extreme heights, undirected, and dangling from air may cause significant damage. Also, the task of removing a tree may cause muscles pains and injury from constantly holding a position while exposed to the tremors of the chainsaw or the redundant sawing. Professional tree cutters are trained to make sure that the tree is safely taken down to keep you, the yard and the house from harm.

Using the incorrect equipment and the wrong techniques may lead to greater cost of repairs by making matters worse. More so, you may endanger your life. Therefore, when it comes to serious matters or the fields where you are inexperienced, contact a professional. Stay updated with our property improvement and real estate advice, like our Facebook page, or contact us at


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